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Autodesk Sketchbook Designer at the conceptual stage of new products development The early stage of the workflow in a product design is the conceptual stage, where the creative process of ideas generation is performed, either from a referent or according to the set of specifications stablished by the client needs and requirements. Many times, the early stage is not properly documented in the companies, since the designers carry out the different sketches by hand and these are shared with different departments to perform changes, select important aspects of the different ideas and select a concept which will be developed to create a new product; in other cases, all this early information is lost; if not, it could be used as reference in similar developments of the company, resume a second concept for the same product line and train new designers in the workflow of new products. Sometimes a development process is not totally performed for budget reasons or to carry out other projects which are more important at that moment, however, with a good documentation, the project could be later resumed easily, saving time in the ideas generation stage. Main characteristics of Autodesk Sketchbook Designer Sketchbook Designer is the Autodesk solution to digitalize the ideas generation process in the companies, allows documenting the early stage of a product design and makes easier the communication with other fields, the implementation of different concepts, the presentation of different color alternatives and the final exploration. Sketchbook Designer allows working with Mouse or, if you prefer a more natural drawing experience, with a digital pen. It includes tools to carry out sketches in free lines such as a vector, which allows editing, adding or deleting points or nodes which compound the lines. This last characteristic is the main difference between Sketchbook Designer and Sketchbook Pro, since it offers a greater degree of accuracy and capability of edition for the professionals of the creative design, including all functionality of Sketchbook Pro plus the workflows based on vectors and the image manipulation capacities.


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