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NET , Java , and Qt. StreetMap Premium Requires Lite license or higher Work offline with high-quality data, optimized for cartographic map display, geocoding, and routing.

Analysis Requires Standard license or higher Use network, spatial, and 3D geoprocessing tools. Learn More about the analysis extension for. Net and Java. Please contact your Esri account representative for more details on transitioning license keys from Is there limit to the number of Runtime apps that can be deployed with a Lite license key?

This string can be shared across all Runtime apps associated with the ArcGIS for Developers account from which it was created. License keys for paid levels or extensions are purchased from Esri and distributed via deployment packs. Upon purchase of a deployment pack, you are provided with a unique license key for the level or extension purchased. Additional deployment packs for a level or extension you purchased previously will not include another license key.

However, additional unique license keys can be provided on request. Protect your license keys — they are unique to your organization. Can you combine license key and Named User options? Which licensing option should I choose, license key or Named User? License keys are often used by customers who do not have access to Named User accounts in an ArcGIS Online organization or on-premises ArcGIS Enterprise, need to use an application that will remain offline indefinitely, or need to guarantee an application will function if offline longer than 30 days.

Each installation of your app available to a single user counts as a deployment. We'll cover most of it in this FAQ, but if you want to see the full details, check out our Terms of Use.

Exhibit 1, Addendum 1, Section 1 defines terms of use for specific software. It is available as a separate install to supplement functionality of Runtime SDKs supported on Windows and Linux desktops. It's powered by packages created in ArcMap, which can be hosted by Local Server as local map, feature, and geoprocessing services.

Am I required to show Esri attribution in my app? It depends. See this resource for more details on when to display Esri attribution. If your app is licensed at the Basic, Standard, or Advanced level and you would like to deploy it via an app store or the ArcGIS Marketplace , let us know or sign up here. What data types are supported as "local data files" and which licensing level do they require? Local data files are geo-enabled data available in a file residing on your users device regardless of how it got there.

ArcGIS Runtime supports a variety of different local file data formats. Depending on the type of data, a certain license level may be required to use that data in your ArcGIS Runtime app. For example, to read raster files in a mobile map package or mobile scene package requires a Standard license.

Access to services that are not part of the ArcGIS platform may require additional licensing not managed by Esri. Download, edit, and sync features in a public ArcGIS feature service. These services are available on the Internet and are not secured. Although this data may be generated by ArcGIS products, the data format is not owned or managed by Esri.

Connect with Esri If you do not see the chat form please try opening the chat in a new window or temporarily disable your ad blocker. Send us a message Talk and ask question online. Chat Now.

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