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A debate that live on for years to come, but there is really only one that is best for photographers. Read on to find out which. Oct 2015 Update: Be quark express 10 to check out the Windows Photo Editing SUPER Guide article for updated recommendations on quark express 10 best low price options for PCs that will run Photoshop and Lightroom well including what hardware is worth spending more money on and what is not.

It depends. I hate it when photographers do that to me. OK, so bottom line is that either can work fine, but you have to spend the money to get the hardware you need. Really this article is mostly for the PC user who are into photography. If you are a Mac user, I doubt you are tempted to quark express 10 to a PC because you are a photographer.

In fact, you may be a Mac user because you are a photographer, and that is great. You Mac users may be interested in the quark express 10 of the article where I provide recommendations on which hardware upgrades are actually worth the money to make sure it can do a good job editing photos.

Now for you PC users. You are probably hearing constantly about doing photo editing on Mac. You may be seriously tempted to get a Mac just because you hear so much about it from the photography community. Maybe you are curious about if it really is better than the PC. You may want to give it a try and determine for yourself, especially if it is time to invest in a new computer, but if things are going fine for you with editing your photos on a PC then my recommendation is to stick with what you know.

Why put a kink in your workflow and go away from what you know. Instead of quark express 10 platforms from PC to Mac, your photography will improve much more by investing in lenses (check out my article recommending a "nifty fifty" lens as the second thing a beginner should buy), other equipment, and training (check out Jim and Darin's awesome training courses at quark express 10.

com). Whether Mac or PC, I know how seriously frustrating it is to try and edit photos on a computer that doesn't have enough power. Maybe you are still using the computer you had before quark express 10 started into photography, quark express 10 it isn't up to the challenge.

quark express 10

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