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Product Description Coming to terms with alpha channels or masks is the most sure-fire way to boost the quality of your work in Photoshop. But masking isn't easy-in fact, the elusive alpha channel has been described as the least understood feature in Photoshop's enormous arsenal. Product Description Many photographers, including the pros, feel overwhelmed by all the editing options Photoshop provides. Product Description In just a short time you can learn how to use all the components of Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium Edition to design, create, and edit graphics, publications, and web pages of all kinds—everything from simple brochures to entire integrated ad campaigns. While it is incredibly convenient to have all these tools readily available in one suite, it also contributes to confusion with managing media from one product to the next. Building Websites with Adobe Creative Suite 3, a guide to all the tools in Adobe CS3 and how to use them together to create dynamic web pages. Understand the workflow from one product to another and learn how to use the essential techniques in each program so that you can complete your work skillfully and efficiently. Discover ways you can maximize your productivity with workflows like Photoshop to Dreamweaver, Fireworks to Dreamweaver, Flash to Dreamweaver and Photoshop to Fireworks to Bridge to Dreamweaver. Bring Your Web Design to Life:


Adobe Creative Suite 6: Highlight Features

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