Chaos Group V-Ray for 3DS Max At Low Price

For more information, see V-Ray Frame Buffer. In scenes with complex lighting using many lights this can make changing attributes far simpler. For more information, see V-Ray Light Lister. It is a handy way to quickly switch between different GI solutions and quality settings. For more information, see V-Ray Quick Settings. Open the Render Setup window. All Rights Reserved.

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To add more contrast, you can also adjust the high and low thresholds of the noise texture. Finally set the noise type to fractal and its levels to Stop the IPR.

With the volume grid selected go to the main toolbar and right click on the scale icon. Now switch to the render camera. Change the proportions of the volume grid from its "Grid" section. You can set it to roughly match the size of the green rectangle visible in the top viewport. Click on the "Decrease Resolution" button a few times until you end up with a few million cells. Once again start IPR. Drag and drop a copy of the texture used for the opacity in the color texture slot.

Chaos Group V-Ray for 3DS Max At Low Price

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