What is the price of Nikon Capture NX 2 for students

The new layout and layering options suit the way I work perfectly. Mind you, I'm one of those photographers that likes to get it as right as possible 'in-camera' so I don't have to spend much time processing. The only drawback I've found is when I use it on my missus' Mac. It works very quickly on my PC but, for some reason, it seems pedestrian on a Mac. All the best. Hi Paul thanks for bringing up D-Lighting - this is what is the price of Nikon Capture NX 2 for students I have ignored imagining that the 'quick fix' did it. However I have just been having an e-seminar on skin tones from someone who is a bit of a specialist in childrens portraits and realised how far I need to go on my grandchildren from 'candid' to 'portrait'. For that, I find the dedicated D-lighting is as much better than the quick fix is as, eg, LCH my favourite on saturation One of the problems of NX2 seems to be that there are so many ways of skinning the cat, it takes a while to choose the best. Lastly I had a Canon D for a year and find I can get far better results by converting the. Admittedly CS3 could alter the equation, but not convinced enough to shell out. NX2 is also excellent for earlier cameras, Pana FZ7.


Basics of RAW Processing Using Capture NX-D

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