Windows Vista Ultimate for students

Create a Windows Vista installation disk or iso image the easy way The following instructions work with the former Digital River downloads. You need to have backup files of your downloads if you want to proceed with it. The following screenshots show the process of creating an English Windows Vista 64 bit iso image on Windows 8. Other languages and bit editions work exaxtly the same. As you can see, the restriction that 64 bit iso files could only be created on a 64 bit system is no longer valid.

Since ImgBurn runs on all Windows systems as well as on Wine, things will be much easier now. Only a few clicks are required. So you start with all three Windows Vista files in one folder. It should look like on the screen shot now. X is the setup file for the English Windows Vista 64 bit. It contains a subfolder named "sources". You do that using ImgBurn. Let's look at the screen shot first.

This is the settings screen for ImgBurn. You don't need to change a lot from the default settings. Browse for the "Vista" folder as the source.

Choose a file name and a location for the iso file you want to create "destination". Then go to the "advanced" tab, and select "bootable disc". In the options screen for bootable discs, select the check box to make the image bootable. As the boot image, select the "etfsboot. Then enter "Microsoft Corporation" as the developer ID.

All other settings, please do not change. So, that was already it, you can trigger burning the disk or creating the iso image now, and ImgBurn will do its thing. ImgBurn will offer you to auto fix some issues like a missing name tag, and the disc type.

You can confirm all the auto fixes. After about 5 minutes, your disc or your file is already done.

Windows Vista Ultimate for students

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