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For Autodesk Ecotect Analysis 2011 win 7 64 bit about installing stand-alone versions of the program, see the Stand-Alone Installation Guide. This guide also includes some basic introduction to the user interface and the operation of this tool. Troubleshooting Network Licensing 4 Introduction Autodesk Ecotect Analysis software is a comprehensive concept-to-detail sustainable design analysis tool, providing a wide range of simulation and analysis functionality on a single platform.

Powerful web-based whole-building energy, water, and carbon analysis capabilities 1 converge with desktop tools for visualizing and simulating performance of the building model within the context of its environment. Use the desktop tools and web-service functionality together to help create more sustainable designs.

While it will run on quite modest hardware, some of its analysis functions can be processor-intensive, and many of its advanced graphical display abilities are best viewed using a hardware-accelerated graphics card. Before you begin installing the program on a network, make sure that your servers and client workstations meet the following minimum recommended hardware and software requirements for a deployment: Getting Started with Network Administration Network administration requires careful planning and execution.

This section gives you information about how to set up a license server. Before you begin installing the program on a network, make sure that your servers and client workstations Autodesk Ecotect Analysis 2011 win 7 64 bit the minimum recommended hardware and software requirements for a deployment.

The location where you set up the license manager should be a shared location so that users can access the server across the network. Choose an Installation Type When you set up your deployment, you need to choose the Autodesk Ecotect Analysis 2011 win 7 64 bit of installation to deploy. Ecotect Analysis can be installed as one of the following: Network License installation With this type of installation, you install the program to workstations with the files and registry entries that allow the program to communicate with the Network License Manager.

You also define the configuration of the Network License Manager so that the licenses can be accessed. Workstations running the program based on a network installation do not require individual activation. Licensing of this program is managed by at least one license server.

The main advantage is that you can install Ecotect Analysis on more systems than the number of licenses you have purchased for example, purchasing 25 licenses but installing on 40 workstations. At any one time, Ecotect Analysis runs on the maximum number of systems for which you have licenses. This means you get a true floating license. Stand-Alone installation Choose this type of installation for stand-alone installations where a single serial number and product key are used for a single seat.

Autodesk Ecotect Analysis 2011 win 7 64 bit do not use the Network License Manager to manage product licensing, but installation, registration, and activation occurs on each workstation. If you choose Stand-Alone installation, you should refer to the steps outlined in the Stand-Alone Installation Guide for Ecotect Analysis for the rest of the installation.

Choose a License Server Model If you chose the Network License option, you need to decide which license server model to use to distribute the product licenses. For the network installation, use one of the following license server models: Single license server model. The Network License Manager is installed on a single server, so license management and activity is Autodesk Ecotect Analysis 2011 win 7 64 bit to this server.

A single license file represents the Autodesk Ecotect Analysis 2011 win 7 64 bit number of licenses available on the server. Distributed license server model. Licenses are distributed across more than one server.

A unique license file is required for each server. To create a distributed license server, you must run the Network License Manager on each server that is part of the distributed server pool. Redundant license server model. You use three servers to authenticate a single license file. One server acts as the master, Autodesk Ecotect Analysis 2011 win 7 64 bit the other two provide backup if the master server fails. With this configuration, licenses continue to be monitored and issued as long Autodesk Ecotect Analysis 2011 win 7 64 bit at least two servers are still functional.

The license file on all three servers is the same. You must install the Network License Manager on each server. The Network License Manager helps you configure and manage license servers. Click Next. On the Select the Installation Folder page, accept the default installation path C: If you enter a path that does not exist, a new folder is created using the name and location you provide.

Select who will access the Network License Manager, yourself, or for anyone who Autodesk Ecotect Analysis 2011 win 7 64 bit the computer. On the Confirm Installation page, click Next to complete installation. When the Installation Complete page displays, click Close. When you install the Network License Manager files, you must provide a path to a local drive. Autodesk Ecotect Analysis 2011 win 7 64 bit must specify the drive letter; the universal naming convention UNC is not supported Registering and receiving network license file To register and receive you network license file, go to or contact your Autodesk Business Center.

Configure Your License Server You configure a license server so that you can manage Ecotect Analysis licenses you received when you registered at or through your Autodesk Business Center. Do one of the following: Click the Config Services tab.

Make sure that only one Autodesk service is listed In the Path to Lmgrd. By default, this daemon is installed in the C: In the Path to the License File box, enter the path to your license file, or click Browse to locate the file. You can obtain your Network License information through the registration and activation process at 7. In the Path to the Debug Log File box, enter a path to create a debug log, or click Browse to locate an existing log file.

The log file must have a. For new log files, you must enter the. To run lmgrd. To automatically start lmgrd. Click Save Service to save the new configuration under the service name you selected in step 4.

Click Yes when prompted if you would like to save the settings to the service. If a service has not yet been defined for Autodesk, click Start Server to start the license server.

If a service for Autodesk is already defined and running, click ReRead License File to refresh the Network License Manager with any changes made to the license file or Options file. The license server starts running and is ready to respond to client requests. Setting up the workstation To use the product, you must install the product on the workstation that intends to run Ecotect Analysis, and then launch it. This section provides instructions for installing and running Ecotect Analysis for an individual using a workstation.

You must have the Network License Manager setup before installing the program on a workstation. Depending on your operating system and its settings, the installer for the software will usually run automatically after inserting the DVD into your computer. If it does not, you can run it manually by locating the setup. Using your web browser, simply double-click the left mouse button on this file when you locate it. Similarly, if you have downloaded the program from the internet, browse to the location where you have saved the file and double-click the left mouse button on this file.

Administrator Rights As the installation of this software also includes secure licensing features, it needs access to areas of the system registry and file system that only users with administrative privileges can go.

Thus, in order to properly install this software and its licensing components, you must first log on to the computer Autodesk Ecotect Analysis 2011 win 7 64 bit an account that has administrative privileges. If you do not, the installer will issue a warning and not let you continue.

The Installation Wizard The installer will first prompt you with a series of wizard Autodesk Ecotect Analysis 2011 win 7 64 bit, many of which will require you to make Autodesk Ecotect Analysis 2011 win 7 64 bit or interact in some way. It will indicate which software it is about to install and provide a brief description of it. This is the typical, and recommended, option for this page. Setup Autodesk License Agreement A printed license agreement is not included in your product packaging.

Instead, the license agreement is displayed here during the installation process. When you accept the license agreement and complete the installation, you can find a copy of your license agreement in the EULA. If you choose the I Do Not Accept the Agreement option after reviewing the terms of the license agreement, the installation will be canceled. If you reject the license agreement, you have 30 days from your date of purchase to return this software.

To receive a full refund, return this software along with the software package, all other items in this package, and dated proof of purchase to the location where you acquired it. In order to continue with the installation, you must accept the terms and conditions within the Autodesk License Agreement.

It is important that you take care entering the product serial number and product code as these will be used later in the license activation process.

Setup Select Destination Location You use this page to select the folder into which the software will be installed. It is recommended that you use the default value as this will place the software in the same location as any other Autodesk products you may have installed.

However, the software itself can be installed anywhere on your system. Setup Select Components This wizard page allows you to select the individual components of the software to install. All the components absolutely required for the software to run should be grayed out as these must always be installed. Setup Select Start Menu Folder In addition to copying all the software and license files to the destination folder, the installer also creates a series of links in your Start Menu.

You can use this page to enter the folder and subfolder s in which to place these links. It is recommended that you manage your folders here instead of manually moving them later as the uninstaller will likely be unable to find or delete the moved links when you come 15 to uninstall the software. Setup Select Additional Tasks In addition to the links in the Start Menu, the installer can also create links on your desktop and in the Quick Launch area of your application bar.

When creating a desktop icon, you can choose to create this just for yourself or, as you must be an administrator to do this install, every user. You should be judicious in your use of the For All Users option as some people take great care of their personal desktop layouts. Although both options are available during installation, you can only choose the one that matches the specific license you have purchased.

Choosing the wrong one will mean that the wrong license files will be included and you will likely have to completely reinstall to obtain your correct license. This gives you an opportunity to review the installation before actually proceeding with all the required tasks.


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