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Tasks FileMaker Pro 16 Advanced For Sale Billing The 6 starter solutions are simple and a great springboard to create new FileMaker apps to manage your business. If however you need more advanced solutions, check out the 16 sample solutions. They have more features than the starter solutions, and may ultimately be a better fit for your business needs.

The new theme includes a variety of styles so you can more easily combine the different styles in the same layout. Contacts, Event Management, Invoices, and Projects. From here go to Create New. You can choose one of the 6 Starter Solutions or you can scroll down to the samples to view the 16 Sample templates.

The starter solutions FileMaker Pro 16 Advanced For Sale designed for FileMaker Pro 16 Advanced For Sale desktop, but can be accessed on an iPhone, iPad, or Webdirect.

If you would like layouts customized to iPhones, iPads, or WebDirect, check out the sample solutions. Assets The Assets starter solution FileMaker Pro 16 Advanced For Sale designed to track office assets, where the assets are purchased, and who is using them. Once the information is put in, the name, type, purchase date, price and used by date are at the top of the page for improved readability.

The meeting information is presented at the top of the page for improved usability. The starter solution gives you a tab on the right to write down any notes you may have for the meeting and also put it at the top of the page.

The starter solution also includes the topics and action items tabs to put in information but with a different layout to make it easier to navigate. Below the picture you are able to input the contact name and FileMaker Pro 16 Advanced For Sale title and to the right FileMaker Pro 16 Advanced For Sale are able to enter and view additional information such as addresses and phone numbers.

Once this information is put into the template, the contact name and company displays at the top for usability. Content Management The Content Management starter solution is used for collecting and organizing documents, images, music etc.

This new addition makes it easier to quickly identify the record you are looking at. Inventory The Inventory Starter Solution can be used to manage inventory levels of products and supplies, along with tracking part numbers, transaction history, and more. The template has made significant changes by first changing where the information in inputted. The three tabs are for the part, the cost of the part, and the stock of it.

In the part tab it gives the option to put in the part number, barcode, description, location and date. With the cost tab you can calculate the unit cost and unit price, along with making it taxable. Any attachments are added to the right of the assignee with a description of the attachment available.

Below the attachment is the overall description of the task. After all this information is put in, the task, status of the task, category and due date are displayed at the top for ease of use. Conclusion FileMaker has continued to improve upon the starter solutions from years past to make it easier for you to create your own solution, and with now 6 starter solutions to compliment the 16 sample solutions, you have more options than ever before.

It is a free download and has been optimized to run on the latest version of FileMaker. Did you know we are an authorized reseller for FileMaker Licensing? Contact us to discuss upgrading your FileMaker software.

FileMaker Pro 16 Advanced For Sale


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