Flexibits Fantastical software latest version price

Switching sets is instantaneous and it behaves like a filter: However, I recognize their potential and importance for people who do manage a complex weekly schedule and would like the ability to effortlessly alter what is shown in the app without clicking a bunch of menus every time.

I asked my friend Myke who operates an indie business at Relay FM with dozens of co-hosts, guests, and live shows why Calendar Sets are a big deal for Fantastical users like him. The key aspect of sets in Fantastical 2 is their simplicity and natural implementation, which Myke enjoys on a daily basis. I have a couple of reservations about Calendar Sets.

While you can automatically activate sets while you leave or arrive at a specific location which is nice and clever , there are no rules to enable sets without having to use location. It would be cool to be able to load sets at certain times during the day.

Sets are a powerful idea, giving users the option to change the visualization of their calendar without opening dropdowns or clicking a handful of controls. As with Fantastical 1.

In Fantastical 2, the app will also list the original time zone in a menu — and what happens next is one of my favorite details of Fantastical 2. In the main calendar, the event will be listed with your current time zone alongside all your other events. It used to be that Fantastical would just convert a time zone to your locale; now, the app shows time zone differences and offers more options for additional control.

The new time zone menu in Fantastical 2. Notice how different times are shown for the same event. This is a great way of dealing with time zones for users who are often in communication with other people around the world: But it gets better. Pick a city which is easier to remember than a time zone acronym , and Fantastical will pull its time zone for you.

No more looking around Google search results, no calculations to account for daylight savings internationally. With version 2. I wanted to ask Myke about time zones, as he has to deal with dozens of international hosts and meetings every day. Old and new. Fantastical 2 looks great on Yosemite. I use the menu bar window to quickly add new events, and I open the app when I want to get the full Month view and click on event details to see their location information also new in this version, with Maps support.

Fourth row down, third from the left — Awesome Clock. I use this as a bedside analogue clock. Not today, anyway. Vanished from the App Store. Fourth row down, fourth from the left — XpenseTracker. Are you okay? Did you just faint with surprise? Someone, bring us hot towels and some whisky. And tell me how much that costs because I need to pop it into XpenseTracker Fifth row down, first from the left — HulloMail.

I used to be on O2 and got Visual Voicemail. Tap on the one you want to hear first, you hear it first. Scrub back and forth through the recording. HulloMail brings it back. Take a look at HulloMail here. Fifth row down, second from left — Where To? I keep wanting to call this Exit. Actually, I keep calling it Exit.

And I rotate between using this and Localscope: I love this kind of app and I pummel mine: Tap, there it is. With business details. Developer Response , Thanks for the thoughtful review and feedback: Fantastical 2 nicely combines two of the built in apps, calendar and reminders, both of which I use daily.

The biggest feature of F2, for me, is the integration of reminders directly into the interface. The natural language input is super useful too. Getting information into the app is easy.

The iOS companion app is equally pleasing to use. I put off buying this program for a long time due to price.

Flexibits Fantastical software latest version price


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