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Sometime in the next few months, Microsoft will release the R2 version of Windows Server Here is what you need to know: If you are interested in taking the product for a test drive, the preview edition is currently available here.

Price Increase for Windows Server Datacenter Perhaps the most important change is that there will be a significant increase to the price of the Datacenter edition. If you are considering a purchase of Windows Server Datacenter, now is a good time to do it. For a quote request from Mirazon, send an email to sales www. Fortunately, that is the only pricing change with the release of R2. The chart below summarizes the licensing models and new pricing structure. This was taken from the licensing datasheet for Windows Server R2 which is available here.

Windows Server Standard and Datacenter both still contain identical feature sets, and they both are still licensed on a per-socket basis: The only difference in use rights between those versions are the number of virtual machines allows: There are also no changes in the Foundation edition of the product.

It provides a license for one processor and covers up to 15 users. The users do not need a CAL to access the server. There is one slight change in the Essentials edition, but it is for the better. With the original R1 version of the product, the Essentials edition could be used either in a physical environment or in a virtual environment, but not both.

If you ran it virtually, you had to provide your own hypervisor for the server. But now with the R2 version a physical instance can be used to support a virtual instance. The product also now includes a wizard to walk you through setting up the virtual machine. As before, Essentials provides a license for a server with up to two processors and covers up to 75 users.

The chart below summarizes the virtualization rights each version provides. Again, this was taken from the licensing datasheet for Windows Server R2 which is available here. With a User CAL you can access the server from any endpoint device in the world, but with a device CAL you are tied to accessing the server through only a single device. Additional Features in R2 Naturally, with every iteration of its products, Microsoft seeks to improve functionality.

So what new features are included with Windows Server R2? Microsoft lists the following feature enhancements for the Standard and Datacenter versions: For a quote for Windows Server , send an email to sales www. Want to hear more from Mirazon? Sign up for our eNewsletter to keep up on IT trends and news, straight from the Mirazon experts!

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