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Overview[ edit ] Reason 1. The program's design mimics a studio rack into which users can insert virtual devices such as instruments, effects processors, and mixers. Since the release of version 6 Reason supports ReWire with bit hosts. As of version 7.

A voice synthesizer and pitch propellerhead reason 5 tool, capable of Vocoder -like polyphonic voice synthesis as well as robotic, AutoTune-like pitch adjustment and more subtle pitch corrections.

A triple filtered gate, sometimes known as a "trance gate". Alligator splits an incoming signal into three signals, which are then gated and filtered using lowpass, bandpass and highpass filters on each respective propellerhead reason 5.

Alligator also is capable of adding delay, distortion, phasing and stereo panning effects to each propellerhead reason 5, and each of the filters can be modulated with a filter envelope embedded in the unit. A multi-purpose piece of virtual hardware that combines compression, distortion, filters, tremolo, parallel signal processing propellerhead reason 5 an envelope follower. An echo unit based on tape echo and delay. A device which allows for MIDI output from Reason to an external MIDI instrument Sounds from these devices can be routed propellerhead reason 5 either of two mixing devices or simple merging and splitting utilities.

Effects include distortion, reverbchorusa vocoderand mastering effects. The Combinator device, introduced in Reason 3. Reason's interface includes a Toggle Rack command, which propellerhead reason 5 the "rack" around to display the devices from the rear. Here the user can route virtual audio and CV cables from one piece of equipment to another. This cable layout enables the creation of complex effects chains and allows devices to modulate one another.

This offers flexibility propellerhead reason 5 the way that is familiar to users of physical electronic music hardware. For example, Redrum's main outputs could be connected to a single channel of the mixing desk, or instead each of its drum sounds could be routed to a separate EQ before sending them to separate channels in the mixer, or rather than audio output the channels of the ReDrum could be used to trigger the gates of an Alligator via CV.

The user can always choose where to draw the line between simplicity and precision, allowing the software to remain useful at various levels of knowledge on the user's part. Reason 6 introduced audio recording propellerhead reason 5 incorporating Recordturning propellerhead reason 5 into a digital audio workstation.

Reason 6. In Reason version 9. A stripped-down propellerhead reason 5 of Reason known as Reason Adapted, which propellerhead reason 5 the user to a limited number of devices, is packaged as bonus software with other audio software such as Pro Tools LE and ReCycle.

Reason 2. Reason 3. It also added the Combinator, a special device that allowed users to build chains of other Reason devices inside of it to create a more complex instrument that was easier to control and manage. Reason 4. It also released the RPG8 Monophonic Arpeggiator that breaks up chords into various note-triggering patterns. Finally the ReGroove mixer was introduced, a device that added shuffle controls and more human-qualities to sequenced patterns. Also Reason's linear sequencer was improved.

Reason 5[ edit ] Reason 5 propellerhead reason 5 released on 25 August Octo Rex - The Dr. Rex loop player was given an overhaul and is now called "Dr.

Octo Rex" [10] and can play up to eight propellerhead reason 5 loops one at a timeand includes many new features for editing the loops and individual clips. Kong Drum Designer - This is new to the program [11] a pad device that can create drum and percussion sounds using various sound production techniques, including physical modeling, sample playback the "NN-Nano" moduleand virtual analog synthesis.

Reason 6[ edit ] Reason 6 was released on September 30, The Record name has been phased out altogether. As well as bringing all of Record's features into propellerhead reason 5 Reason rack, Reason 6 is bit and features three new effects units, as also audio transposing direct on the sequencer, and improved tuning and stretching algorithms: Pulveriser - a propellerhead reason 5 compressiondistortionand filtering unit.

Reason 6 also requiered a USB software protection dongle called the "Ignition Key" to prevent unauthorized use of the software. Without the dongle, Reason 6 will not propellerhead reason 5 saved files, nor will it dump audio to a sound file, but is otherwise fully functional. If the key is lost, or chosen not to be used, a user must log onto Propellerhead's server for internet verification, requiring the host computer to have an internet connection.

Polar [15] - a harmonizing and pitch-shifter effect unit. Pulsar [16] - a propellerhead reason 5 low frequency oscillator unit. Radical Piano [17] - a piano synthesizer based on sampling technology and physical modeling algorithms that is capable of creating new and unique piano sounds based on audio samples from two types of grand pianos and an upright piano.

Reason 6 and propellerhead reason 5. Reason project file sizes propellerhead reason 5 include audio record takes tend to be larger than for previous propellerhead reason 5 since there is currently no way to save Reason projects with the record takes as external non-embedded audio.

Reason 7[ edit ] Reason 7 was released on April 30, Propellerhead-developed rack extensions that were released during version 7 include: Audiomatic - This is a sound effects unit that adds vintage audio quirks to music, making propellerhead reason 5 sound as if it were being played back from past devices such as analog tape, a vinyl record, a crackling radio, an old television set, etc.

Parsec [19] - This is described as a spectral synthesizer using additive synthesis to sculpt various sounds. PX7 - This rack propellerhead reason 5 emulates the propellerhead reason 5 sounds of the classic Yamaha DX series of synthesizers that used frequency modulation synthesis.

The PX7 can even use patches converted from DX synths. Rotor - This is a rotating speaker emulator modeled after the Leslie rotary speaker of the s to add realistic vintage flavors to music, especially organ and guitar tracks. Synchronous - Described as a timed effect modulator, this adds various effects to a music device it is linked to such as distortion, filtering and delay which can be controlled by drawing propellerhead reason 5 waveforms in the device's main display.

For example, it can be used to add characteristic synthesizer wobbles and beat glitches that are popular in dubstep and drum and bass. Reason 7 no longer requires the use of the Ignition Key USB propellerhead reason 5 to fully function, instead, one computer can be licensed to use the software on installation. If a propellerhead reason 5 holder wishes to use the software on other computers, they can purchase an Ignition Key separately for that purpose, or verify their license over the internet.

Reason 8[ edit ] Reason 8 was released September 30, This version's propellerhead reason 5 feature is the improved file browser that accompanies, or optionally fully replaces the rack window.

Users can easily audition sound files, loops and instruments patches in the browser then drag the files from the browser right to the rack window or the sequencer allowing improved and faster workflow. This version also comes with two free rack extensions; the Softube Amp, a guitar amplifier emulator and Softube Bass Amp, a bass guitar amplifier emulator designed by the veteran Rack Extension developer Softube.

Both rack extensions are also available separately for Reason 6. Inthe Softube amps are set to fully replace the depreciated Line 6 amplifier rack units that were originally introduced in Propellerhead's Record software and later versions of Reason.

Propellerhead-developed rack extensions that were released during version 8 include: A-List Acoustic Guitarist - A sample-based acoustic classical guitar emulator propellerhead reason 5 produces realistic strumming guitar sounds which can be modified by selecting various propellerhead reason 5 styles and chord characteristics. A-List Classic Drummer - A variant of the Studio Drummer rack device see below focusing on dryer and tighter percussion sounds reminiscent of early pop audio recordings.

A-List Power Drummer - A variant of the Studio Drummer rack device see below focusing on hard driving percussion sounds for harder-edged music compositions.

A-List Studio Drummer - A sample-based automated drum machine that propellerhead reason 5 various acoustic drum kits as if played by a live-performing propellerhead reason 5 and uses keyboard triggers to alter the playing styles and rhythmic patterns, as well as trigger various intros, change-ups, fills and stops.

Pop Chords A-List Electric Guitarist - Similar to the A-List Acoustic Guitarist, this emulates realistic sounding electric guitar rhythm chords in a wide variety of strum methods commonly performed in pop rock, alternative and funk styles of music. Power Chords A-List Electric Guitarist - Similar to the A-List Acoustic Guitarist, this emulates realistic sounding electric guitar with more powerful rhythm chords in various strumming styles popular in rock and metal styles of music.

A later update for Reason 8 also included an improved version of the RV reverb unit. The renamed RV Mk. II was designated an "Advanced Convolution Reverb" and features a convolution propellerhead reason 5 effect section that uses audio sample-based impulse-responses to emulate the reverberation of a physical or virtual space.

Reason 9[ edit ] Reason 9 was released on June 21, The main feature of this version is the addition of a propellerhead reason 5 class of rack devices called "Players" that are listed in the device browser along with the existing instruments, effects and utility devices.

Players added to the rack can only be attached to instrument devices and "sit" between the instrument and the MIDI input whether it be from a keyboard, Reason's sequencer or other rack device. Players can also be combined together. Reason 9 ships with three player devices: Dual Arpeggio - As its name suggests, this player is a polyphonic, parallel arpeggiator that generates two propellerhead reason 5 note patterns, or arpeggiosfrom notes and chords played via MIDI input and can play them simultaneously.

The patterns can be edited via a graphic display to play up to 4 separate notes per step, up to 16 steps. Additional controls include setting keyboard velocity and gate length information for each note, setting keyboard splits and more. Note Echo - This player is similar to a delay effect, but instead propellerhead reason 5 repeating an instrument's audio output the player repeats the MIDI notes that are being input to the instrument.

The device can further edit each note it repeats allowing adjustment of such things as the amount of repeat steps, key velocity and the pitch of each step, and allows for creative experiment with chiptune and glissando effects. Scales and Chords - This device has two functions. When using Scales, the performer sets the key of the song they are playing and during the performance, the device keeps the input MIDI notes from straying out of the set key; thus it helps avoid playing a wrong note.

With Chords activated, the performer can play complex chord progressions with the press of a single key, again staying in key to the selected musical scale and chord characteristic. The device includes a comprehensive list of classic music theory scales and chord progressions and allows users to create their own custom chords.

Reason 9 adds also an improved monophonic Pitch Editor, designed for vocal and other melodic sources, with similar functionalities to other Pitch editor Software. Reason 9 also has improved workflow and sequencer features such as bounce Audio-to-MIDI, which creates a MIDI pattern propellerhead reason 5 on detecting the notes propellerhead reason 5 in a prerecorded piece of musicMIDI-to-Audio, which allows a quick rendering of an instrument's selected MIDI pattern directly to an audio trackthe capability to reverse MIDI patterns, and for the first time the ability to set window themes.

It also ships with a new library of over sound patches. Propellerhead's Audiomatic and Pulsar rack extensions that were once available separately are included as native effects units in Reason 9. Rack Extensions developed during Reason 9 include: Layers - Described as a "quadrasonic sample player," Layers is a sample-based synthesizer that was developed in cooperation with Pink Noise Studios, a producer of numerous audio libraries and refills for Reason.

Layers emulates the sounds of many classic propellerhead reason 5 such as the Roland Jupiter-4Korg MSYamaha CS and Oberheim Matrix among others, and can combine up to four separate sounds at one time to create layered audio textures. The sounds can be further manipulated by a suite of built-in effects, modulation controls and sequencers for each layer. Propellerhead released Reason 9. A new feature in particular allows rack extensions to load audio samples in a variety of formats.

Unfortunately, version 9.

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