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View more screenshots StoryMill Publisher's Description The latest release in Mariner Software's long line of writing and creativity software. StoryMill introduces aspiring authors to multi-level writing methods of tracking characters, scenes, and locations, while professional writers will appreciate StoryMill's time-saving ability to oversee and manage the full creative process with Smart Views. As a long-time Apple developer 17 years , our commitment to Apple technology is reflected in our feature set.

StoryMill is Intel-ready, Leopard-compatible, and fully supports Apple's high standards for an elegant user interface and intuitive functionality. Developing in Cocoa framework also lets us take advantage of Apple OS X functionality and take advantage of the world's most advanced operating system. StoryMill integrates with Apple Backup, Spotlight and more. Creativity is the key StoryMill enables you to manage the creative process like never before.

You can track, tag and filter characters, scenes, locations, research and more with the unique dynamic outline. For fiction writers, StoryMill provides features like word frequency counting, a cliche meter, and a progress meter to help you meet your daily writing goal. StoryMill is by far the best writing tool we have seen for the aspiring novelist. MacUser UK, Flexibility is the key too Although StoryMill provides a large amount of features to help you write and track the details of your story more effectively, none of them are required!

StoryMill is incredibly flexible; it can simply be a no-nonsense place to write and revise using its distraction-free fullscreen and powerful annotations, or a complete database of every character, location, and scene that makes up your novel.

Try that in a word processor! See your novel displayed across time. Visually and interactively display your story across time with StoryMill's timeline view. An industry-first feature, timeline view allows you to visually arrange the scenes in your novel in chronological order.

Why just page through your novel when you can get a 30, foot view? Simple meet powerful and smart. You can filter any view in StoryMill using a comprehensive set of built-in properties or apply your own tags for maximum flexibility.

Instead of deleting scenes, just tag them to save for later. Keep multiple versions of scenes or entire chapters.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Want more control of your story? Try StoryMill Smart Views. A Smart View acts like a filter and only shows items that match its search criteria.

Smart Views are very similar to smart folders in the Finder and smart playlists in iTunes. Although you can create Smart Views based off a number of different pieces of data, using Smart Views together with tags is often the most efficient way to filter your items.

Storymill Smart-Views Try it, you might like it. If you are a writer who needs a distraction-free writing landscape, StoryMill's Full Screen mode is for you! No background apps, no email, no menu bar, just you focusing on your novel. Do you find yourself squinting to see your work?

Do you use the standard black font on a white background? Try green words on a black background StoryMill features: Track, tag and filter characters, scenes, locations, and research with StoryMill's unique dynamic outline.

Annotate any text in your project. Revise your work with innovative tools like a word frequency tracker and cliche finder. Set and achieve your daily writing goals with the progress meter.

A built-in support for tracking submissions to editors and agents. Manage the creative writing process with Smart Views. Write, distraction-free, in Full Screen Mode. View your novel in multiple views.

StoryMill supports the following languages: Is there any feedback you would like to provide? Click here Beta and Old versions.

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Buy Mariner StoryMill 3 Online, Download In Seconds

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