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This technique has been used in game development for years because it requires the least amount of processing power; the Graphics Processing Unit GPU does the heavy work. When Flash was first developed, the goal was to create animations for the Web, and bandwidth was the main issue. Animating vector art was advantageous because of the small file size. Since running the animation relied on the processing power of a desktop computer, this worked out fine.

But with so many mobile devices surfing the Web and becoming a de facto game platform, game developers could not use Flash vector art in games anymore because they simply could not be sure that the game would run smoothly.

Sprite sheets fix this problem and make creating games with vector art possible. You can keep working with vector art in an animation, but convert to bitmap imaging for the final game. From animated vector to bitmap: Flash CS6's sprite sheet feature will export an animation as a series of frames, all saved in a single file. Flash even optimizes the arrangement to ensure the smallest possible file size.

Not only does Flash CS6 make the process of creating sprite sheets easier than in the past, using them lets you quickly and efficiently adapt your game to different devices. Create your game in high resolution for the iPad , then change the settings of the stage and export your elements again, say, for a mobile phone. I created a small animation by using a vector image of a penguin that I imported from Illustrator. After resizing the stage for an older iPhone 3G, and exporting the elements again, the same animation would run without a hitch.

What makes working with this new feature so convenient is that it can also export sprite sheets in Starling format. Starling is a popular ActionScript open source game engine for Flash that can be used to create browser-based games as well as games for all major mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. Previously code-named Molehill, this new technology allows you to render up to , z-buffered triangles at full-screen HD resolution at 60Hz.

Before Stage3D, the Flash Player could only manage a few thousand triangles. Check out this demo from the Adobe Labs , to get a feel for what is possible. You can even download the source code for this game to understand how it works.

Another nice feature is that Flash will optimize your sprite sheet by cropping the sprites before packing them together. So instead of using the same size for each frame, Flash automatically adjusts the size, reducing the total required file size. This is a major timesaver because games have numerous sprite sheets. Stage3D is a powerful 3D engine. On the Adobe website you will find this 3D game tutorial running at 60 frames per second as an example of what is possible. Wide platform and device support For a long time, Flash was only available for the Web.

Adobe also increased Flash CS6's maximum stage size to by pixels. Adobe is supporting mobile developers with various features, most of which are specifically geared toward games. While cross-platform developer tools tend to be limited to the most common features on all the devices, Adobe hopes that there will be a market for third-party developers to provide additional features for Flash—a way for developers to just download an.

For example, to allow your app to vibrate an iOS or Android phone, you'd use the Vibrate. Some extensions are already on Adobe's developer site , and Adobe plans to rotate extensions on and off of the site based on relevance and when new content becomes available.

At this point, you have to hunt these extensions down on your own, which I find a little annoying. The developer community would greatly benefit if Adobe offered a central directory where developers could post their extensions and have users rate them. It has also included expanded platform as well as device support and automatic content scaling for different screen sizes.

It also has got enhanced copying and pasting of layers, streamlined publishing and document settings. You can also now lock inverse kinematics bones to the stage and set the stage level movement restrictions to the selected bones. It has also been equipped with the Timeline Motion editor with which you can create motion tweens plus you can also create natural motion for the character animation by using inverse kinematics.

All in all Adobe Flash Professional CS6 for Mac is an imposing application which is used for creating immersive websites and applications for websites and mobile devices. A handy and powerful application that is used for creating some staggering and immersive websites as well as applications for the websites and mobile devices. Delivers the video to the web, TV tablets and smartphones. Offers advanced text engine and animation tools which employ the inverse kinematics and industry leading drawing tools.

Enables you to manage FLA project files that target various different devices and to create applications that run the same on all platforms. Got expanded platform as well as device support and automatic content scaling for different screen sizes.

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FLASH PLAYER. Download Flash Player. Check if Flash Player is installed. Fix common Flash Player problems. Enable Flash Player in Safari. ACROBAT READER. Download Acrobat Reader DC. Problems installing? | Windows. Problems installing? | Mac. OTHERS. Download Adobe AIR. Authorize and deauthorize Adobe Digital Editions. Transfer eBook to eReader. Reach your audience on desktop, mobile, and TV by exporting your animations to multiple platforms, including HTML5 Canvas, WebGL, Flash/Adobe AIR, and custom platforms like SVG. You can include code right inside your projects and even add actions without having to code. Apr 27,  · Brief Overview of Adobe Flash Professional CS6 for Mac OS X. Adobe Flash Professional CS6 for Mac is a very handy and powerful application that is used for creating some staggering and immersive websites as well as applications for the websites and mobile devices. This application delivers the video to the web, TV tablets and smartphones.

flash cs6 mac


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