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One of the nicest little frills of a web page editor is color-coded HTML. Color-coding makes those pesky tags stand out against a sea of text. To create a bulleted list, of course. Of course, using a graphical web page editor has its own risks. For example, you might use a slick page editor to apply fancy fonts to your text. Types of Web Page Editors Web page editors come in many flavors, but they all tend to fall into one of three categories: Text-based editors require you to work with the text and tags of raw HTML.

The difference between an ordinary text editor like Notepad and a text-based HTML editor is convenience. Unlike Notepad or TextEdit, text-based HTML editors usually include buttons that let you quickly insert common HTML elements or element combinations, and a one-click way to save your file and open it in a separate browser window. Essentially, text-based HTML editors are text editors with some useful web-editing features stapled on top.

Website creators prefer HTML editors that have as many of these features as possible, but still provide a text-only option. Split window editors also make you write HTML by hand. The difference is that a separate window shows the results of your work as you type.

Any of these editors makes a good replacement for a simple text editor. No matter which type of editor you use, you still need to know a fair bit about HTML to get the results you want. Should I use it? Over the last decade, the Internet has become the hottest marketing buzzword around. Every computer program imaginable is desperate to boast about new web features.

For example, virtually every modern word processor has a feature for exporting your documents to HTML. Often, the program tries to wedge a document designed for one medium usually print into another the Web. They tend to have larger margins, fancier fonts, more text, more generous spacing around that text, no links, and a radically different layout. Another problem is the fact that HTML export features often create wildly complex markup. And if you want to convert one of these pages into stricter, cleaner HTML, you need to do it by hand.

The lesson? After all, the Web is all about getting goodies for free. Some freeware is supported by donations.

To make sure your shareware is virus- and spyware-free, download it from a reputable source like www. You can also browse a comprehensive list of web page editors on Wikipedia at http: This list is note-worthy for the surprisingly thorough information it provides.

For example, it details the price of each editor and the operating systems each works with. Most importantly, it points out which editors you can get for free. Many have awkward and clunky button and menu arrangements.

Some have outright errors. Best of all, BlueGriffon comes in a version for all three major operating systems: BlueGriffon uses the same rendering engine that powers the Firefox browser. BlueGriffon has a somewhat tangled history. Many of the same developers worked on its predecessor, the popular free editor Nvu, until When development stopped on Nvu, another team of coders used Nvu as the basis for a patched-up web editor called KompoZer.

But now that BlueGriffon is on the scene, it trumps both of these other editors. The definite downside is you should expect bugs and minor glitches. At the time of this writing, the current version of BlueGriffon is 0. To download BlueGriffon or read about its progress, go to www. Tip Like many more advanced and more expensive web editors, BlueGriffon includes an integrated spell-checker. You can then right-click that word to pick from a list of suggested corrections. To switch from one view to another, use the tabs at the bottom of the window circled.

It helps that the World Wide Web Consortium, the heavyweight international standards organization that helps standardize the Web, has adopted Amaya. Open a web page in Amaya, and you start in Design view. Best of all, you can make changes in either window. Its lack of recent updates is also disappointing, especially for HTML5 fans, who will have to type in new tags on their own. Still, for a free editor, Amaya is a barn burner of a bargain.

To give Amaya a whirl, go to www. The new version has a slicker interface and better support for HTML5. Instead, it has a split-preview editor, which means you can see a live preview of your HTML document as you edit it.

To download the free version or a trial of the new, for-pay version , go to www. Get your copy at www. Packed with features, it gives you fine-grained control of every HTML ingredient.

Note Confusingly, Microsoft Expression Web has a distant cousin with most of the same features. Unlike Expression Web, it has some optional features that work with Microsoft SharePoint, a web-based program that big businesses use to share office documents and help employees collaborate.

But if you already have access to SharePoint Designer say, through the company you work for , feel free to substitute it instead. Expression Web even includes a tool for generating fancy buttons. However, recent versions of both programs tackle these weaknesses.

Now, Dreamweaver is virtually as easy to use as Expression Web, and Expression Web is almost as mature and well-rounded as Dreamweaver. In fact, common tasks in these two programs are surprisingly similar. The bottom line? Go to www. And, for an in-depth exploration of every Dreamweaver feature, check out Dreamweaver CS5: The Missing Manual.

Tip Looking for the best but trying to save some bank? Both Adobe and Microsoft offer sweetly discounted upgrade pricing. For Adobe, you need to own a previous version of Dreamweaver or GoLive to get the deal, but Microsoft will qualify you for having a retail version of any Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Expression, or Microsoft Office program.

These editions are scaled down but still powerful, and they have a much lower price tag. Software companies have spent the last decade copying features from their competitors and as a result, common tasks in Expression Web, Dreamweaver, and many free web page editors are startlingly similar. No matter which program you use, the following sections will teach you the basics: Some editors, such as Amaya, start you off with a tip of the day.

If so, close this window to get to the main program. The examples in this chapter use the file resume5. Most web page editors give you a choice and let you switch rapidly from one to the other.

One exception is Amaya. It lacks these handy buttons and forces you to travel to the Views menu to make the switch. When you switch to the HTML code view, you see the real story—the familiar text-only display of color-coded tags and text. These views represent the two staples of HTML editing. However, the most useful choice just might be the split view, which shows both views at once. Some editors give you interesting hybrid views. Amaya offers two more specialized views. They may use different names or arrangements, but most web page editors use similar buttons to let you switch views, including Dreamweaver top , Expression Web bottom , and BlueGriffon Figure Many web page editors come packed with valuable extras.

If you see something amiss, you can switch back to Source view and correct it. Open your program and follow these steps: Some web page editors start you out with a new, blank page, in which case you can skip the rest of these instructions. But most open some sort of New Document window that lets you choose the type of file you want to create.

Choose the type of page you want to create. Many web editors give you a number of ready-made page designs to get you started. For now, start with a blank, plain-vanilla HTML page. Many editors also let you choose a doctype The Document Type Definition for your new web page. Create the document. To make your selections official and actually create the document, click Create or OK depending on the program.

The editor displays your new blank document, which contains a bare HTML skeleton. Along the way, you notice a few shortcuts.

For example, when you start to type a tag in Dreamweaver or Expression Web, a drop-down menu appears with suggestions. You can choose a valid HTML tag from the list or just keep typing. To add an element in WYSIWYG view, you first select the piece of text you want to format, and then click the appropriate toolbar button. For example, to make a piece of text bold, select it and then click the toolbar button marked B. But no matter which web page editor you use, you need to spend a fair bit of time wandering through its toolbars and menus to find the most convenient way to get things done.

Instead of entering the tags by hand, however, enter the text and format it using the toolbar and menu options in your editor. Create a new document as described above, and then follow these steps: To mark up the text, you need to get a bit more intimate with your web page editor and its menu and toolbar options. In Expression Web and BlueGriffon , the quickest approach to apply a level-1 heading is to select Heading 1 from the drop-down Style list. In Dreamweaver, you have two worthwhile choices.

In Amaya, you need to click the T1 icon in the toolbar-like panel that appears on the right side of the window. Press Enter to move to the next paragraph. Your typeface reverts to normal, and you can begin typing the rest of the document. This will allow you to gauge your effectiveness before moving to the next module in your course. Our Courses also include practice exams designed to replicate and mirror the environment in the testing centre. Our Courseware always focuses on real world scenarios and skill-set development.

All courses are arranged in defined sections with navigation controls allowing you to control the pace of your training. This allows students to learn at their own pace around their schedule. This LMS is unmatched in the industry and makes learning fun and enjoyable. Students learn in different ways through different tools. That is why we provide Flash Cards and Education Games throughout our courses.

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