Microsoft MapPoint 2010 Europe full version

MapPoint North America includes detailed geographic coverage for: In addition, MapPoint Europe provides some street-level coverage, but does not support address find, for: Tap into existing data sources. Tell a story, visually. Insert maps into Word documents and PowerPoint presentations to illustrate everything from sales performance to customer locations. Extend your business. Take advantage of the extensible MapPoint object model to build custom business solutions such as fleet tracking and business intelligence. Explore the Features of MapPoint Get up-to-date geographic information and trip planning tools. MapPoint European edition is available in English. Define custom territories and analyze performance by geography. Find optimal routes by calculating mileage, drive times, and expenses in advance. Get detailed maps and driving directions. Add maps to Microsoft Office documents and presentations. Build custom solutions with the extensible MapPoint object model. Create sales territories and share performance maps to clearly visualize, analyze, and communicate performance. Include pushpin images from previous versions of MapPoint. Combine business data with demographics to find and target potential customers, and focus your business decisions. Insert maps into the work you do in Microsoft Office, and build custom solutions and Office add-ins. More Points of Interest:

Microsoft MapPoint 2010 Europe full version


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