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A lot has changed in the optical as well as in the system and safety technology area: There are optimizations, for example, in the revised Windows Explorer and in the new Security Center. Better performance and intuitive features At the heart of Windows 7 Professional is user-friendly operation: Sidebar no longer exists in Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, so you can now place widgets directly on the desktop. Overall, the operating system is characterized by an increased performance, which is due to the lower system requirements, but also to the new DirectX 11, which improves the performance in the graphics area.

In addition, Windows 7 Professional supports alternative input devices such as tablet PCs with features such as Multi-Touch. For easier and faster orientation in Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, various programs will help you.

Workflow is accelerated by the Maintenance Center, which provides virus scanner and firewall monitoring, and the Error Logger, which provides detailed problem reporting. Also in the repertoire is the virtual folder in Windows Explorer for fast data management and a speech control and output for users with limited abilities. Safety has top priority In Windows 7 Professional, Microsoft has devoted special attention to the topic of security.

The user account settings can now be adjusted step by step. This includes collaboration with a so-called whitelist of system programs that are automatically assigned administrative rights.

You have the option of creating a blacklist that increases the security level of corresponding critical programs. In the concrete case these are treated separately during the execution. In addition to supporting biometric authentication with fingerprints, there are regular updates to keep your system up to date. A further optimization step in Microsoft Windows 7 Professional is the removal of various programs, the classic start menu and various functions in the taskbar, the Windows Media Player and Explorer features.

Windows 7 Professional gives you some new options for this: This includes, for example, support for Windows Server domains. The XP mode allows you to continue using older programs. In addition, at the end of the Mainstream Support Phase with the Microsoft Windows 7 Professional operating system, each purchaser will receive an Extended Support Phase.

Quick overview of the most interesting features of Windows 7 Professional Edition: Includes all the features introduced with Windows 7 Home Premium GB of physical memory supported Jump lists and screenshots make Aero useful and attractive Multi-touch functionality for people with touch screen displays Pre-installed Media Player

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