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I don't hear much about the amazing backup functinality of workstations. It backs up your precious data and you can retrieve it easily. For me a very, and underestimated strong point of this product.

I wanted media center added in, and instead they cut the best feature. I will not be buying a product that clearly was not listening to the people. No sale.

For a multi cpu set up, its worth noting that Vail is based on the Foundation SKU of Server 2008, so only supports 1 socket. True it seems a little quicker than a single socket WHSV1 box, but it seems criminal to have two processors and then not use one of them. I have a Dell Inspiron 530s with a Intel Celeron 450 2. 2GHz 512KB Cache. Will I be able to run WHS 2011. Thanks for the well-done review. I think MS hosed WHS2011 and failed to maintain what I thought was the home server concept.

WHS2011 seems to have morphed from a terrific backup and recovery device for the PC's on my simple home network to a complex, more labor intensive system for businesses. Backing up the server. You gotta be kidding. That's not sounding like a "home server.

Buy Cheap Adobe Photoshop CS5 on Demand

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