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Dec 10, at He is focused on finding great businesses for the long run. You can follow him on twitter techjunk13 Follow techjunk13 Fifth-generation wireless networking, popularly known as 5G , is almost upon us as various stakeholders in the 5G race are scrambling to play their parts.

Verizon, for instance, launched the world's first commercial 5G network in October this year. Other U. Looking abroad, China is expected to lead the charge in 5G networks.

MU can help investors benefit from different facets of this technology. Image Source: Getty Images. A crucial cog in the wheel Any new network deployment requires testing, which is where Keysight Technologies comes into play. Keysight helps networking companies such as telecom operators and equipment manufacturers test critical equipment so they can move from the research and development phase to volume manufacturing.

Keysight will accelerate the time to market for 5G networking equipment. It claims that this solution's scalability and cost-effectiveness will allow network equipment manufacturers to conduct volume testing of the infrastructure equipment required for 5G deployments. Such solutions should help Keysight ride the growth of massive base station deployments that are needed to enable 5G networks on a global scale. The good news is that Keysight is already benefiting from this opportunity.

It won't be surprising to see Keysight extend its streak and record stronger earnings growth over the next five years as 5G deployments gain steam and create the need for more network trials. More than just a smartphone play Skyworks Solutions is best known for supplying smartphone communication chips, but the company has found a different way to take advantage of the 5G market.

Small cells are going to play an important role in the functioning of 5G networks because their deployment improves network efficiency, increases network capacity, and also expands coverage. That's why telecom operators are building out small-cell grids to provide high-speed 5G connectivity to customers. However, there's one more way Skyworks is setting itself up to take advantage of the 5G revolution. Once 5G deployments by telecom carriers gain momentum, smartphone OEMs original equipment manufacturers will also need to upgrade the radios on their devices to support the higher bandwidth.

The number of antennas in smartphones is expected to increase from an average of two to four at present to an average of four to seven to support higher data transfer rates. This means that 5G smartphones will probably consume a lot more battery, but Skyworks has a solution to this problem. Skyworks is promising that its 5G antenna tuning solutions will allow smartphone OEMs to maintain power efficiency and enjoy strong battery life despite an increase in signal processing load thanks to a compact size.

This is a smart move on Skyworks' part, as shipments of 5G smartphones should go through the roof in the coming years. Finally, Skyworks is attractively valued. Such a massive speed bump would lead to a data boom, creating the need for more storage not just in smartphones, but also in data centers.

Because data will be generated at much faster rates, the speed of hosting, storing, and streaming the data will also have to increase. As such, data centers will have to accelerate their move from legacy hard-disk drives HDDs to solid-state drives SSDs. Additionally, Micron's SSDs are designed to provide real-time access to data for the purposes of analytics, machine learning, big data, and content delivery, among others. However, if memory demand continues to be strong and supply remains at reasonable levels, Micron could prove to be a smart 5G play.

The bottom line These companies are preparing to take advantage of 5G wireless networks that are still in their infancy. The good news is that investors won't have to wait for long as deployments have already begun. Investors looking to buy into this trend should take a closer look at these three stocks.

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